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Basé au cœur de Paris, Obvision est un studio hybride de design et de recherche qui propose des services allant du design d'identité et d'espace au design d'objet, en passant par la stratégie de design et la direction artistique.

Nous sommes particulièrement sensibles à l'innovation, aux besoins émergents et aux transformations des usages. Avec nos clients, nous créons des marques uniques, prêtes à relever les défis de demain.


We have adopted a work methodology combining research and experimentation with an interdisciplinary global design mode.


Thorough research allows us to examine a subject from all angles: from history to current trends to prospecting.


During this immersion stage we conduct interviews, we organize workshops and we analyze issues related to the subject. This knowledge forms the solid basis that allows us to ask relevant questions in order to raise the issues surrounding new uses, issues and practices on a given subject. Research allows us to identify real opportunities.


Graduates of ENSCI Les-Ateliers, Tobias Nickerl and Zifan Wang founded the Obvision studio in Paris in 2020. Respectively German and Chinese, the mix of their cultural approaches makes them complementary, and they share a common vision of design as a vector of innovation.

That's why, after having collaborated with several design agencies and worked for a variety of clients (Montale, EDF R&D, Jean-Marie Massaud, Fabernovel…), they decided to set up their creative studio together to give substance to their vision of design.

Their aim is to make Obvision a place for exchange and encounters, bringing together a wide range of players who are forward-looking and open to the world.

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